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Dr.Nilam Gokhale - Atreya Ayurveda And Panchakarma Chikitsalaya

Alternative Medicine Practitioner in Nashik
Opening at 5:00 PM
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Diwali Corporate Gift Pack Only At Rs.250

27-Oct-2020 – 11-Nov-2020

Atreya Ayurveda Launched New Concept For "Diwali Corporate Gift " Only At Rs.250

Our Gift Offers

*Abhayanga Oil
*Dhoop Sticks
*Herbal Soap

Vd. Nilam Gokhale. 8390629619 Atreya Ayurveda

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“Before The Golden Sun Rises Let Me Decorate Each Of The Rays Wid Success & Happiness To U & Ur Family. Happy Dussehra!”

Vd. Nilam Gokhale. 8390629619 Atreya Ayurveda

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Happy Navratri to you and your family. May the nine days of Navratri light up your lives.



The unique procedure of application of the Sneha to the eyes is called as akshitarpana.

Useful both in healthy as well as diseased persons.

In healthy persons, akshitarpana is carried out to protect the eye from degeneration due to ageing process & to improve the eyesight.


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Inhalation of smoke or vapour of dry herbal medicines is called "Dhoompan".
It removes excessive kalpa & vata doshas from the body.
prayogik dhoompana should be done regularly as it prevents diseases especially diseases of ear, nose, eyes, head.
Dhoompana can be used as a treatment for various di...

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Application of oil on the feet followed by massage is known as "Padabhyanga".

Its advised in healthy person for regular practice to promote the health .

Benefits :

*Clears roughness of the soles
* Cures stiffness of feet
*Cures excessive dryness of feet
*Prevents or cures crack fast

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Dhara Sweda -

Induction of perspiration by the unique procedure of pouring warm medicated oil/ milk/ decoction on the whole body or part ofvthe body is called as " Dhara Sweada".

Beneficial effects:
Like other panchakarma procedures , this therapy is also indicated in healthy persons as well a...

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आता मिळवा आयुर्वेदिक उपचार पद्धतीने आपल्या सर्व त्रासांवर आराम .

अवश्य भेट द्या.

अपॉइंटमेंटसाठी संपर्क : +91 83906 29619
आत्रेय आयुर्वेद आणि पंचकर्म चिकित्सालय



Panchakarma Therapies


    Abhyang is the massage of different medicinal lukewarm oils all over body with specific directions. Benefits of Abhyanga -It prevents aging. -Cures mental and Physical fatigue. -Prevents and cures diseases caused due to Vata Dosha. Enhances eyesight -Increases duration of Life

    Padabhyanga is a massage of oil on both whole legs. Befits of Padabhyamga: -Increases strength of legs. -Useful for physical and mental fatigue. -improves eye sight. -useful in insomnia. -prevents sciatica,varicosity of veins. -strengthen the ligaments, muscles of the legs.

    Massage By Dry Medicinal PowderUdavartanama is a massage of Dry medicinal herbs on body after doing oil massage. -Increases Skin tone. -Enhance Liquification of extra fat in the body. -Enhances stoutness of body. -Useful in diseases like Thyroidism, obesity, PCOS etcVAMAN

    Vamana is medicinal emesis which must be carried under physian’s supervision. Benefits of Vamana : - Preventive in Diabetes, Thyroidism, PCOS, Hypertension etc. -Curative in -Skin diseases -Asthma -arious gynaecological disorders. -Obesity -Diabetes

    Enema of various medicinal decoction and oils Benefits of Basti Chikitsa: -This is very important part of Ayurvedic treatments. -Basti:using specific herbal medicines wisely can cure any type of disease. -Basti is not a procedure like soap water enema it act on whole body. -Basti has no age limit .
  • Nasya & Karanapurana

    Nasya or Karanapurana are the procedures in which medicinal oil poured into Nostrils and in ear respectively. Benefits: -Improves the quality of sense organs. -Prevents ENT diseases. -Nasya reduces Hairfall dramatically -Also improves Skin texture.

    Shirodhara: It is a procedure in which medicinal oils, Milk, Decoction, Butter milk is poured in a rhythm on fore head.+Benefits of Shirodhara: -Improves Sleep -Reduce symptoms caused due to Stress -Mind stability -Relax body and Mind

    Dhara Sweda is pouring of Oil, milk, decoction on specific part of the body or on whole body Benefits Of Dhara Sweda: -Use full in Accidental injuries, deformities. -Used in Paralysis. -Reduces Physical and mental stress. -Use for wight gain.
  • Local Treatments

    -Katibasti -Janubasti -Lepa -Upanaha

    Natural skin care


3 months ago
Excellent Diagnoses. Excellent treatment and Excellent service and support. We are very much thankful to you Doctor 🙏 ❤
- Sunanda S
3 months ago
Best doctor in town. Very perfect diagnosis. Be assured your life in expert's hand.
- Aniket C
3 months ago
Wide range of services. Excellent Product Range to treat ailments as well as preventive skin care like ubtan & 4 kalpa's. Experts advice with ethical way of treatment is of utmost importance at the clinic. Very nice & pleasent clinic. Affordable & value for money charges.

Best Ayurveda and Panchkarma Clinic

Atreya Ayurveda and Panchakarma Chikitsalaya

Atreya Ayurveda has successfully practiced authentic and classical Ayurveda since the last 8 years. All the super speciality services in Ayurveda are available under one roof here. Both consultants are post graduates in Ayurveda and are experienced in Ayurvedic treatment with Panchakarma therapies for more than 12 years. We have got mastery in classical Panchakarma procedures for various types of diseases right from simple Acid Peptic disease to complex Infertility cases and skin diseases. A large area of 1400 sq. ft. • Separate specious Panchakarma rooms for oil containing and non-oil containing procedures. • Minor operation theatre is available for procedures like 1. Jaloukawacharana, 2. Siravesha, 3. Uttar Basti, 4. Kshara sutra, Shalyakarma, 5. Yonidhavana, Yoni Pichu, Yoni Dhoopan. Ayurvedic fumigation (Rakshoghna Dhoopan) is our speciality for operation theatre to minimize hazardous effects of chemical fumigation. • Separate rest room with appropriate diet is available for outside patients. • Advanced dispensing unit with unique micro doses system containing more than 300 ayurvedic medicine which are collected from authentic sources. • Authentic classical and quality medicinal products development and manufacturing units are available. • Large rodent and insect free storage for raw material (Kashthoushadhi) is available. • Large space for campaigning, Yogabhyasa and Ayurvedic ICE activities.   

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